Joyful Therapy

Tennis is a beautiful game and can be a huge stress relief for many.
Especially if you choose to enjoy the process and not to worry about the outcome.

Tennis is best when the goal is to play rather than to win.
If you can lose gracefully and look good doing it, people love you.

If you can win gracefully…
People will love you.

You can meet new friends…
…and feel well connected.


I frequently meet new friends on tennis courts.
My favorite way to meet is through mini-tennis.

Instead of playing the whole court…
You each cover just a service box.

And ideally, you hit soft easy balls to each other.
You can talk because the distance is short.

It’s an opportunity to smooth out your game.
To feel the flow and gracefully move to the ball.

Instead of a competitive rally where you want to end the point…
You pursue a cooperative ‘conversation’ where you keep the ball in play.

Mini-tennis is about appropriate graceful responses.
Not too much, not too little, and play to their strength.

Real conversations can be enhanced and extended with cooperative play.
Appropriate and graceful responses can feel really good.

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